Welcome to White Oak Family Farm!

Farm childWhite Oak Family Farm is a small family operation  near Lebanon Missouri owned and operated by the Densford family. We have LaMancha goats, Jersey and Jersey/Dexter cows, Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS) pigs, chickens, ducks and a few horses. We avoid all unnecessary medications and vaccines, seeking to achieve organic-quality products.

Our goats are all 100% full-blood LaMancha with a bloodline through Forrest Pride Dairy Goats also in the Lebanon Missouri area. Julia is just getting started with our GOS pigs. Our sow is full-blooded & registered and we have just added a registered boar to begin producing a full-blooded and registered GOS herd.

Julia and GOS GiltWe occasionally have animals for sale, but primarily offer fresh goat milk, delicious goat cheeses, a variety of fragrant soaps and other products made from our goats’ milk.

Explore the pages of this site to learn more about the GOS & LaMancha breeds, health benefits of goat’s milk and what animals and goat, pork and poultry products we have for sale.

Use the contact form below to ask us any questions you have.


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