Farm childWhite Oak Family Farm was a small family operation  near Lebanon Missouri owned and operated by the Densford family for over 8 years before moving to Fairbanks, Alaska. We had LaMancha dairy goats, Angora goats, BFL cross, Finn and Sheltland sheep, chickens, horses and Rough Collies. We avoided all unnecessary medications and vaccines, seeking to achieve organic-quality products.

Our dairy goats were all 100% purebred LaMancha with a bloodline through Forrest Pride Dairy Goats also in the Lebanon Missouri area.

Julia and GOS GiltHolly supplemented her love of spinning with raising goats and sheep for wool and mohair. The goats are Angora and the sheep include Blue Face Leicester crosses, Finn and Sheltland.

We occasionally had animals for sale, but primarily offered fresh goat milk, delicious goat cheeses, a variety of fragrant soaps and other products made from our goats’ milk, raw & washed fiber, hand-spun yarn and finished fiber products.

Explore the pages of this site to learn more about our breeds, health benefits of goat’s milk and what animals, goat, poultry and fiber products we had for sale.

Since moving to Fairbanks, our farming endeavors has ceased but we have continued raising registered Rough Collies.





2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Barbara freeman

    I’m looking for an angora fleece to purchase. I was wondering if you have any available?

    I would appreciate hearing from you.

    Thank you

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