Compost Bin

We needed a larger place to collect compost from food waste, hay, straw and manure where it could do its thing! We didn’t want it too close to the house, but close to the garden which made it a bit far from the barn but the location seems to be a happy compromise.

It was easy to put together with t-posts and pallets. It just takes two t-posts for each pallet, but they don’t have to be pretty or straight so I was able to use up my old rusty and bent t-posts (until I ran out). The better pallets to use have the slats closer together so it won’t be easy for contents to fall through, but still some space for airflow. We made a larger one which is three pallets on each side. So far, the front is open, not anticipating filling it up, but if it get full, I’ll likely add pallets to the front that are somehow hinged or easy to move.



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