Before I returned from Korea (or maybe it was D.C.), our neighbors sold their property and offered to sell my wife their old tractor and implements. Since we needed one, Holly jumped on the offer and I was very pleased that she did!

It is a 1959 Ford 861, an old tractor and it needs a bit of work, though I took it out cutting down the fields right away without any problem. I did discover, however, that the previous owner replaced the seat for some reason and did not have any kind of spring or suspension in the new one at all. Ouch! I’ve since ordered a new pan seat and spring and will get it on soon!

It’s a nice old tractor and I would love to restore it to near “show” quality but then I’d just get it dirty using it around the farm, so I’ll probably just replace and paint parts a little at a time to get it looking good.

Here’s some “before” pictures before I’ve done anything to it:



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