Our Second Litter

We are a family run farm and only occasionally have puppies for sale. It is important to us to preserve the Rough Collie breed and maintain a quality line, so our breeding is done intentionally and selectively. You can read more about our collies’ pedigree, breeding and care on our Collies page.

Here are the puppies from our second litter. The dam was Izzie and the sire was MacAllister (Mack). This litter was purebred and registered Rough Collies.



Don’t worry, that odd looking dog is not the puppies’ father, he just helps take care of them!



All four of the puppies when they were a little bit younger.

Alice (Adopted)

DSC_7392 (2)



Shep (Lost in a car accident)

DSC_7500 (2)


Shep with his dam, Izzie

New pictures of Shep from February 9th:


Ireland (Adopted)


Marigold (Adopted)





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